Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A Change of Approach

We're now a few weeks into my little side project and, looking at my stats, I can see there is a substantial variance in views between my posts. The most popular posts have received several hundred views, with often some 50+ occurring within only a few hours of the blog going live. Others meanwhile are languishing with little over 30 views between them.

As such, I've had a re-think and I'm going to change my approach.

Instead of posting every review I've ever written, a proportion of which it's clear there's little to no audience for, I'll focus on updating with things people are actually wanting to read. Therefore, from now on, I'll be posting reviews by request.

So, dear reader, the power is now in your hands. I've seen an awful lot of theatre across my life and, for the last five years at least, I've chronicled most of it to some degree or another.

If you have any requests for reviews from any piece of Cumbrian theatre from within the last five years please get in touch and let me know. Either post in the comments section of this blog post or let me know via Twitter where I can be reached at @Enthused_AmDram .

In the meantime I'll continue to post new reviews of current theatre in the hope of appearing to be relevant and up to date, words that I've cunningly avoided any association with for the majority of my life thus far.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and I look forward to seeing you comments so I can continue my stroll down memory lane.


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  1. Hello! First of all, thanks for posting these reviews, they're brilliant reading and great feedback! Could you post Boeing Boeing and Ladies Down Under next?


    Richard aka Bertozzo aka Algernon aka Sherrif aka Tom!